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Best Mexican Food in Town

Catering & DELIVERY

 Catering Menu

Enchiladas Full Tray (60 items)               $125

Enchiladas Half Tray (30 items)                $65

Tacos Full Tray (60 items)                           $95
Hard shell-chicken or beef only

Tacos Half Tray (30 items)                         $50
Hard shell-chicken or beef only

Beans Tray                                                     $40
(serves 40 people)

Rice Tray                                                         $40
(serves 40 people)

3 Foot Party Burrito                                     $55

Burritos (50 items)                                        $75
Beans & cheese burritos

Taquitos (60 items)                                       $70
Taquitos with guacamole

Carnitas by the pound                                 $12

Carne Asada by the pound                        $12

Bring something good to the table

Let El Burrito Grill Catering deliver hot and delicious food to your next office event or personal gathering.
From fresh salads, entrees and easy to serve home style sides,  your guests will experience a meal full of flavor, while you enjoy an event free of hassle.  You can pick up your order in the restaurant or have Doordash deliver it right to your door.